However limitations in the British entertainment industry didn’t match Leach’s myriad of talent, so he decided to take a leap that most actors and stand-up comics would never dare to… immigration to the USA! After hosting the Promax BDA North American Awards in NYC, he had a chance meeting with the booker of the infamous Comedy Cellar comedy club (considered one of the most iconic comedy clubs in the world) and after wow’ing her with his presence on stage, was offered a permanent place as a new face amidst the USA’s comedy elite. This was an offer too good to turn down.

In August 2015, he made his final journey over the Atlantic taking up full-time residency at the Comedy Cellar and beginning his foray into the American entertainment industry. Since then he has not stopped grinding and has achieved some incredible feats. Most notably taping multiple performances for Comedy Central’s This Week At The Cellar, being cast as the lead in the new comedy series We Got This (directed by Darryl Quarles of Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and Big Momma’s House fame) and using his strong character performance skills to great effect as voice talent in AAA video game titles from the Harry Potter, Battlestar Galactica, Call Of Duty, Star Wars and Total War franchises.